What's the Matter?
  • 1. What are the three different types of matter?
A) Only solid
B) solid and liquid
C) Solid, liquid, and gas
D) Only gas
  • 2. What type of matter is a cat?
A) Liquid
B) Gas
C) Solid
D) None
  • 3. Which one is an example of properties?
A) only color
B) Color, shapes, and size
C) None
D) It has to float
  • 4. What is a mixture made of?
A) 1 type of matter only
B) it can only be a gas
C) None
D) 2 or more types of matter
  • 5. Where can we find matter?
A) Only in the ocean
B) In space only
C) only on land
D) Everywhere
  • 6. What is an example of a liquid turning into a solid?
A) Water freezing into a ice cube
B) Ice melting
C) butter melting
D) Match lighting on fire
  • 7. What is volume?
A) How large something is
B) How much something weighs.
C) The amount of space something takes up.
D) None of the above
  • 8. Which one is an example of gas?
A) smoke
B) ice cube
C) steam
D) methane
  • 9. What is mass?
A) density
B) density and volume
C) volume
D) size or weight
  • 10. What is an example of a liquid?
A) snow
B) neon
C) jello
D) steam
  • 11. What is the equation for density?
A) weight plus mass
B) mass divided by volume
C) volume divided by mass
D) volume minus mass
  • 12. What type of matter is electricity?
A) Solid
B) None
C) Gas
D) Liquid
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