October Stories Quiz
  • 1. The Tell-Tale Heart: When the story opens, the narrator is saying ---
A) The old man is cruel to him
B) He is not insane
C) He is very confused
  • 2. The Tell-Tale Heart: What bothers the narrator about the old man?
A) The old man’s eye disturbs him
B) The old man’s snoring upsets him
C) The old man won’t leave the house
  • 3. The Tell-Tale Heart: Why do the police come to the house?
A) The narrator called them
B) A neighbor reported hearing a shriek
C) The old man had asked the police to check on him
  • 4. The Tell-Tale Heart: The narrator confesses to the police because he ---
A) Thinks the murder will make him famous
B) Believes they must hear the heartbeat through the floor
C) Wants to convince them that he’s sane
  • 5. The Tell-Tale Heart: The story shows situational irony when the ---
A) Narrator reveals that he committed the murder
B) Narrator hides the old man’s body
C) Narrator cuts the old man’s body apart
  • 6. The Landlady: What seems inviting to Billy when he looks through the window of the old house?
A) He sees the landlady drinking a cup of tea
B) He sees the dachshund lying in front of the fireplace
C) He imagines they serve watery cabbage
  • 7. The Landlady: The landlady explains that there are no other guests because ---
A) Of the war
B) She is very particular and choosy
C) There is only one room available
  • 8. The Landlady: At first, Billy thinks the landlady is ---
A) Very suspicious
B) Lots of fun
C) Slightly dotty and off her rocker
  • 9. The Landlady: What puzzles Billy about the landlady’s guest list?
A) He knows each of the previous guests
B) All of the names on the list are men
C) He is sure he has read the names in the newspaper
  • 10. The Landlady: What do you think makes Billy’s tea taste strange?
A) Pickled walnuts
B) Poison
C) Bitter almonds
  • 11. The Monkey's Paw: What are the powers of the monkey’s paw?
A) The Whites will be granted three wishes
B) The owner has unlimited wishes
C) Three men will be granted three wishes
  • 12. The Monkey's Paw: What did the White’s friend warn them about?
A) The dangers of war
B) The Indian fakir who previously owned the paw
C) Other wishes ended badly
  • 13. The Monkey's Paw: What does Mr. White wish for first?
A) A new job for Herbert
B) A million pounds
C) Two hundred pounds
  • 14. The Monkey's Paw: What happens as a result of the first wish?
A) They lose their house
B) Their son Herbert loses his job
C) Their son Herbert dies in an accident
  • 15. The Monkey's Paw: What is the climax of the story?
A) Mrs. White unlocks the door
B) Mr. White uses his third wish
C) Mr. White throws the paw in the fire
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