Chapter 8-9, Little House in the Big Woods
  • 1. If you swagger, you
A) walk in a conceited way; boast, brag
B) walk as though you may fall down at any moment.
C) walk crooked
  • 2. A wooden bar to carry a load is also called a
A) yoke
B) poke
C) egg white
  • 3. A close-fitting undergarment worn by women is called a corset.
A) true
B) false
  • 4. If something is "hewed", it is
A) stolen from a house
B) chewed into mush
C) shaped with the blows of a knife or ax
  • 5. The snout of an animal is called the
A) snuzzle
B) muzzle
C) fuzzy whiskers
  • 6. Calico is
A) printed cotton cloth
B) a game children played, where they pretended to be cats and other animals
C) a video game that inspired the creation of Coleco Vision
  • 7. A wooden barrel of nails is also known as a
A) bucket of nails
B) container of nails
C) keg of nails
  • 8. Galluses are
A) suspenders
B) wooden spoons
C) handkerchiefs
  • 9. If you have combed and rubbed down a horse you have
A) bathed the horse
B) curried the horse
C) loved the horse
  • 10. The wagon box is the
A) the very back of the wagon
B) inside of the wagon
C) the bottom of the wagon
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