Ray Bradbury Quiz
  • 1. According to Ray Bradbury, why have his stories been so successful?
A) Unforgettable metaphors
B) A great cast of heroes
C) A great action-filled plot
  • 2. Why does Bradbury feel that reading is still so important?
A) "Reading helps you get through school."
B) "You can't have a civilization without that, can you?"
C) "I enjoy it immensely, and others should try it."
  • 3. The setting of "There Will Come Soft Rains" is also the ...
A) plot
B) theme
C) main character
  • 4. Why is no one home in "There Will Come Soft Rains"?
A) Everyone has been killed
B) Everyone is at work or school
C) No one lives in the house because it's for sale
  • 5. Where is the story, "The Flying Machine", set?
A) Japan
B) Russia
C) China
  • 6. In "The Flying Machine", what simile does Bradbury use to describe the flying machine?
A) "like a new horizon in a simple world"
B) "like a new dragon in a land of ancient dragons"
C) like a fledgling bird struggling to fly"
  • 7. How does the emperor justify executing the flying man?
A) The man will rival for his throne
B) The man refused to make more machines
C) His death will guarantee peace and safety for the rest of his people
  • 8. In "The Dragon", what metaphor does Bradbury use to describe the wind?
A) "torrent of darkness"
B) "a thousand souls dying"
C) "a fire-breathing dragon"
  • 9. What is the climax of "The Dragon"?
A) When the two knights plot to slay the dragon
B) When the two knights collide head on with the dragon
C) When the conductors arrive safely in Stokely
  • 10. In "The Dragon", what is the dragon actually?
A) A dinosaur
B) A train
C) A lizard
  • 11. In "The Foghorn", why does the monster come to the tower?
A) It visits every day
B) It hears the call of the foghorn
C) It is lost during the storm
  • 12. In "The Foghorn", what simile does Bradbury use to describe the foghorn?
A) "like the vicious roar of a monster"
B) "like trees in autumn with no leaves"
C) "like the cheerful call of a bird flying"
  • 13. What is the climax of "The Foghorn"?
A) The monster sinks back into the ocean
B) The monster attacks and destroys the lighthouse
C) The men are rescued from the lighthouse
  • 14. What is the resolution of "The Fohorn"?
A) The monster returns to destroy every lighthouse that is built
B) They hunt the monster and ultimately kill it
C) A new lighthouse is built, but the monster never returns
  • 15. in "The Foghorn", why does McDunn lie to the rescuers about how the lighthouse was destroyed?
A) McDunn is a ghost
B) McDunn wanted a new lighthouse to work in
C) McDunn doesn't want scientists to search for and kill the monster
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