Chapter 4-5, Little House in the Big Woods
  • 1. The coverings for the instep of the foot and the ankle are called
A) gaiters
B) lizards
C) crocs
  • 2. When you cut wood with a knife, you have
A) whipped it.
B) ironed it.
C) whittled it.
  • 3. Poke berries are
A) red berries used for making ink
B) something you call someone who pokes you
C) berries for makeup
  • 4. Irons heated on the stove are called
A) electric irons
B) stove irons
C) flat irons
  • 5. Solemn means
A) serious or gloomy
B) dangerous
C) happy
  • 6. To make animal skins into leather by soaking in tannic acid is to
A) tan
B) bake
C) stretch
  • 7. "tanned their hide" is the same as
A) getting a spanking
B) sitting in the sun
C) a hide and seek game
  • 8. Needlework done with a needle and thread is a
A) sampler
B) hamper
C) scamper
  • 9. A quilt made of 9 big squares is called a
A) 11 patch quilt
B) 10 patch quilt
C) 9 patch quilt
  • 10. A ramrod is
A) a hot rod car
B) a big ram
C) a rod for cleaning a gin barrel
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