Johnny Tremain 4-6
  • 1. What does Rab think about Jonathan Lyte?
A) that Lyte is an honest, upstanding citizen
B) That Lyte is crooked because he plays both Tory and Whig sides for profit
C) he respects Lyte for being consistent and honest, even though he is a Tory
D) he pretends to like Lyte because he has a crush on his daughter, Lavinia
  • 2. How does Jonathan Lyte react when Johnny first presents the silver cup as proof of their kinship?
A) He isn't happy, but wants to do the right thing by giving Johnny his share of the Lyte fortune
B) He welcomes Johnny into the family with open arms
C) He throws Johnny out of his house because he thinks Johnny is a liar
D) He accuses Johnny of stealing the cup
  • 3. Who brought blankets, books, and food to Johnny while he was in jail?
A) Mr. Lapham
B) Dove
C) CIlla Lapham
D) Rab Silsbee
  • 4. What punishment is suggested for Johnny's "crime"?
A) public whipping
B) deportation to England
C) the gallows
D) seven years of servitude to Mr. Lapham
  • 5. Whose testimony clears Johnny at his trial?
A) Dove's
B) Cilla Lapham's
C) Josiah Quincey's
D) Mrs. Lapham's
  • 6. What job does Johnny finally get in spite of his crippled hand?
A) cooking for the Laphams
B) reading books to Lavinia Lyte
C) delivering the Observer for Mr. Lorne
D) pouring silver for Paul Revere
  • 7. In addition to the work he does, Johnny is encouraged to do all of the following except which?
A) exercise his horse
B) spy on Jonathan Lyte
C) further his education by reading
D) learning to write with his left hand
  • 8. Johnny learned that Rab Silsbee belonged to what group?
A) The Sons of Liberty
B) The Knights of the Round Table
C) The Tory party
D) The King's Men
  • 9. What is the problem with Johnny's horse, Goblin?
A) Hie is too fat and lazy
B) He is used to pulling a cart instead of being ridden
C) He is too old
D) He is afraid because he's been whipped
  • 10. What does Johnny plan to do each each Thursday and Sunday?
A) visit his mother's grave
B) meet Cilla at the town pump
C) eat at the Afric Queen Tavern
D) study with the local clergymen
  • 11. Samuel Adams and the Observers are concerned about the British tax on what product?
A) stamps
B) tea
C) spices
D) cattle
  • 12. What is Johnny's connection to the Observers?
A) Rab tells him all about the secret meetings
B) He does not have any connection
C) He spys on them when they meet in the attic
D) He delivers coded messages to the members
  • 13. Why do the Observers begin leaving James Otis out of their meetings?
A) THey fear that Otis does not take the need for secrecy seriously enough
B) They suspect Otis of being a Tory spy
C) They believe Otis is mentally unstable
D) They do not think Otis is articulate ofr intelligent
  • 14. What job does Johnny have on the night of December 16?
A) Distracting the British soldiers
B) Leading a group of boys to the bay
C) Listening to Sam Adams speech, then signaling the start of the tea party
D) Minding the print shop
  • 15. Why do Johnny and Rab toss Dov overboard during the Boston Tea Party?
A) They want to get revenge against Dove for the role he played in the accident that crippled Johnny's hand
B) They take pleasure in bullying Dove
C) Johnny catches Dove stealing tea, a violation of ethics during the political protest
D) They think Dove is a British spy
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