Across Five Aprils Part 2 Ch.5-8
__1. Ambrose BurnsideA. Kind neighbor who helps Jethro with the farming
__2. Dave BurdowB. Killed at the battle of Shiloh (Pittsburgh Landing)
__3. Ed TurnerC. Newspaper editor who buys Jethro a restaurant meal
__4. George B. McClellanD. Local ruffian who burns the Creighton's barn down
__5. Guy WortmanE. Kind, quiet man who saves Jethro from an attack
__6. Matthew CreightonF. Owner of the general store who shot someone in the rear
__7. Ross (Red) MiltonG. Character who is considered a Copperhead by some
__8. Sam GardinerH. General criticized for thousands of deaths at Fredericksburg
__9. Tom CreightonI. General who is criticized for being surprised at Shiloh
__10. Ulysses S. GrantJ. General criticized for not chasing the enemy after Antietam
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