Chapter 2, Little House in the Big Woods
  • 1. The make-believe person who makes pictures on the window pane is called
A) Jack Frost
B) Dan Tucker
C) Jelly Bean
  • 2. Churning means
A) running from the wolves
B) twisting your body
C) making butter by dashing milk in a churn
  • 3. A butter pat is
A) butter that has fallen off the table
B) butter that has been shaped in a mold
C) butter sandwiches
  • 4. A pan for a small pie is called a
A) patty pan
B) big pan
C) frying pan
  • 5. Trap lines are
A) a series of traps; small, medium, and large for different animals
B) another word for joke
C) traps used to catch fish
  • 6. A thin oil used in lamps and stoves is called
A) water
B) candle
C) kerosene
  • 7. Another word for very large or great is
A) tiny
B) enormous
C) medium
  • 8. Wolves live in groups called
A) packs
B) teams
C) friends
  • 9. To see in the dark, pioneers used
A) magic powder
B) nothing, they had superpower eyesight in the dark.
C) lamps and candles
  • 10. A trundle bed has these to help them roll.
A) rolling pins
B) rubber balls
C) wheels
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