Across Five Aprils Part 1-CH.1-4
__1. Bill CreightonA. Man who is hated in the county and caused Mary's death
__2. Jenny CreightonB. Young lady who wants to marry Shadrach Yale
__3. Jethro CreightonC. Jethro's 18 year old brother who is first to leave for war
__4. Mary CreightonD. Jethro's sister who was killed in a wagon accident
__5. Nancy CreightonE. Shy woman who was treated harshly by relatives growing up
__6. Shadrach YaleF. Man who leaves to fight for the South
__7. Tom CreightonG. Child who survived the year that three children died
__8. Travis BurdowH. Jothro's hero and teacher who is leaving for war
__9. Bill CreightonA. Cousin from Kentucky who visits during planting season
__10. Eb CarronB. One who visits Shad and studies Grant's voctories in the war
__11. Ellen CreightonC. Jethro's favorite brother who loves to read
__12. Jethro CreightonD. Character originally from Kentucky who can not read
__13. John CreightonE. Cousin who has lived with the Creighton's since childhood
__14. Matthew CreightonF. Character who saved a young man from being hung by a mob
__15. Wilse GrahamG. Married to Nancy and has two young children
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