Chapter 3, Little House in the Big Woods
  • 1. A ramrod is
A) a rod for poking the fire
B) a rod for cleaning a gun barrel
C) an electric fishing rod
  • 2. If you get a thrashing, you get a
A) weird rash
B) spanking
C) yellow feet
  • 3. The hearth is
A) a heart attack
B) a special cake for Valentine's Day
C) the fireside
  • 4. A long, narrow, deep hole in the earth with steep sides is called a
A) mountain
B) pond
C) ravine
  • 5. Briars are
A) cookies
B) prickly bushes
C) curling irons
  • 6. Curlicues are
A) flowers that curl in the sun
B) fancy curls or twists
C) dancing ants
  • 7. If you are supported, you are
A) held up in place
B) getting married
C) riding a donkey with a seat belt
  • 8. A rifle is a
A) gun
B) animal
C) coat
  • 9. Jack Frost visits usually when it is
A) hot
B) rainy
C) cold
  • 10. The opposite of enormous is
A) tiny
B) large
C) gigantic
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