• 1. What was being explained in "How Coyote was the Moon?"
A) Why coyotes are so snoopy
B) Why the moon is white
C) Why coyotes howl at the moon
  • 2. Why couldn't yellow fox be the moon?
A) He was too bright
B) He was too small
C) He was too mean
  • 3. What quality did the first butterflies have in addition to being beautiful?
A) They sang beautifully
B) They lived all winter
C) They helped flowers grow
  • 4. What is being explained in "How Fischer Went to Skyland"?
A) Why it is warm only part of the year
B) Why the clouds are near the mountains
C) Why the sun is yellow
  • 5. What was the young man's inspiration as he made sounds on his new flute?
A) Songs that came to him in a vision
B) Sounds he heard in nature
C) Songs from his tribe
  • 6. What important task did Manabozho complete before attempting to kill Meggissogwon?
A) He trained with the fiercest warriors to prepare
B) He fasted and prayed for four days
C) He gathered all of his friends to go with him
  • 7. What gift did Wakan Tanka give to the fawn to protect it from predators?
A) Spots and no scent
B) Only spots
C) Spots and speed
  • 8. According to the Kiowa, where did the buffalo disappear?
A) They walked into the opening in a mountain
B) They walked into the river
C) They disappeared into the clouds
  • 9. What river do mortals cross to reach the Underworld?
A) Styx
B) Stones
C) Aegean
  • 10. Where did the gods live?
A) Mount Olympus
B) Earth
C) Athens
  • 11. Where did evil mortals go when they died?
A) Underworld
B) Elysian Fields
C) Tartarus
  • 12. Who fell in love with his sculpture that Aphrodite later brought to life?
A) Narcissus
B) Pygmalian
C) Orion
  • 13. Which goddess grew from a drop of blood that fell into the sea?
A) Artemis
B) Athene
C) Aphrodite
  • 14. Who was the most important goddess after Hera?
A) Artemis
B) Athene
C) Aphrodite
  • 15. Who is known as the sun god?
A) Zeus
B) Apollo
C) Ares
  • 16. Who was placed in the sky as the great bear?
A) Callisto
B) Orion
C) Cassiopeia
  • 17. Who bragged about killing all of Mother Earth's animals and ended up being chased by a scorpion?
A) Bellerophon
B) Oedipus
C) Orion
  • 18. Which hero killed his own grandfather, proving an oracle had come true?
A) Heracles
B) Theseus
C) Perseus
  • 19. Which hero killed the Minotaur?
A) Theseus
B) Heracles
C) Perseus
  • 20. Which hero held up the weight of the heavens for Atlas while he gathered the golden apples of Hesperides?
A) Heracles
B) Theseus
C) Perseus
  • 21. Who is chained to a rock to be sacrificed to a sea monster, then rescued by Perseus?
A) Ariadne
B) Andromeda
C) Megara
  • 22. Which famous hero in the Trojan War is killed by an arrow shot by Paris?
A) Agamemnon
B) Achilles
C) Hector
  • 23. Which famous hero of the Trojan War came up with the Trojan horse to get into Troy and win the war?
A) Agamemnon
B) Achilles
C) Odysseus
  • 24. Who died because he fell in love with his own reflection?
A) Narcissus
B) Endymion
C) Pygmalion
  • 25. Who married Jason after helping him get the golden fleece?
A) Eurydice
B) Medea
C) Andromache
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