Across Five Aprils Part 3 Ch.9-12
  • 1. Why Does Jehtro write a letter to President Lincoln?
A) He wants to know if there are any options for deserters besides death
B) He wants to know if he can visit the President and shake his hand
C) He wants to find a way to join the army
  • 2. What news does Jenny receive in regards to Shadrach?
A) That he was killed at Gettysburg and was found by his aunt
B) That he deserted the army after the battle of Gettysburg
C) That he has been seriously wounded at Gettysburg and may die
  • 3. What important news about Bill did John explain in his letter?
A) He was killed in the battle of Cold Harbor and John buried him
B) He was sorry that he fought for the South and wants to come home
C) He was not at Pittsburgh Landing and couldn't have killed Tom
  • 4. Why does Shadrach cheer for General McClellan after hearing McClellan's response to his nomination for the Presidency?
A) He bows out of the election, leaving Lincoln the Presidency
B) McClellan agrees with Lincoln that the war should continue until the North wins
C) He finally wanted to cheer for his old commander that he adored
  • 5. What is Ross Milton's concern regarding the abolishment of slavery?
A) The Northerners aren't prepared to accept the slaves as equals
B) The Southerners refuse to give up their slaves
C) The slaves don't want their freedom; they want to work on the plantation
  • 6. What does Jethro have to look forward to in the future?
A) He's going to travel to Springfield to see the President's body
B) He's going to move East and go back to school
C) He's going to continue work on the farm
  • 7. How is General Grant more successful in attacking General Lee?
A) He captures Lee and forces surrendcer at Appomattox Courthouse
B) He defeats Lee easily in battles always having a better strategy
C) He continues to pressure Lee so the confederate army can not regroup
  • 8. What sad news does Nancy bring to Jethro while he is working in the field?
A) That Shad was seriously wounded in a battle
B) That President Lincoln has been killed
C) That John was killed in a battle
  • 9. Why does Ross Milton say that "peace will not be a perfect pearl"?
A) Because so many people died
B) Because so many towns were destroyed in the war
C) Because the North and the South still have a lingering hatred twoard each other
  • 10. Who takes Jenny to Washington and watches her marry Shadrach at the Washington hospital?
A) Ed Turner
B) Matt Creighton
C) Ross Milton
  • 11. Why do the soldiers vote to re-elect President Lincoln?
A) They agree that the war should continue until the North wins
B) They have no choice because they don't agree with the other candidate
C) They want Lincoln to end the war so more soldiers won't die
  • 12. Who deserts from the army and is hiding from the Federal Registrars?
A) Shadrach Yale
B) Eb Carron
C) Bill Creighton
  • 13. Who surprises Jethro by showing up at the farm at the end of the book?
A) Shadrach Yale
B) Eb Carron
C) Bill Creighton
  • 14. What great feat was achieved by John and the Army of the Cumberland at the battle of Chattanooga?
A) Instead of fighting, they hid in Chattanooga and ate things that almost made them sick, so the Confederates finally gave up
B) Instead of being grateful that they were sent reinforcements, they attacked and won the battle all by themselves to prove they were a great army
C) Instead of stopping at the first line trenches, they stormed to the top of the hill to break the confederate lines
  • 15. What kind of war did General Sherman wage on the South on his infamous "March to the Sea"?
A) He waged total war where his troops ate food belonging to the people and they burned and destroyed everything in their path
B) He waged a war on the sick and wounded by destorying hospitals that were being used to help confederate soldiers
C) He waged a war on the armies in the South, defeating the South all the way to the coast
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